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4:01 p.m. & 2008-10-12


Life has been crazy lately.

Chris and I spend nearly all of our time together. We've exchanged 'I love you's'. We call each other Big Spoon and Little Spoon. He bought me an IPod. I clean his room sometimes and do his laundry because I spend so much time at his house and he needs all the extra help he can get.

We have mad crazy sex. Last night we got smashed and had sex for an hour and a half. It was pretty amazing.

Things are going so well that it kind of freaks me out. I'm sure anyone would feel that way.

Other things are going well and other things are going not so well. I know someone who died, and Chris's dad is being tested for cancer, and my grandpa HAS cancer and that depresses me sometimes. I feel like death is all around me lately. Surprisingly, the death of the girl I barely knew is affecting me quite a bit. She was so young and although I didn't know her too well, what I did know about her indicated that she was very full of life. It frustrates me that people just die and don't go anywhere, because as much as I want to, I know I don't believe in God or anything. I don't know why, its just bothering me.

So is this girl sitting next to me in the computer lab. Grr.

I will update more later. Soon, loveys.

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